Working Hand In Hand With Nature

Seaboard Timber Company harvesting methods minimize disturbance of the land and leave it ready for a new crop of timber – reforestation.

Timber Management

Managing our natural resources is one of the biggest challenges of the new millennium. Trees are one of our greatest natural and renewable resources. Nowadays the growing season is longer, but trees are like any other managed crop you have to harvest your trees and replant. Reforestation of our woodlands is an excellent investment, both financially and environmentally.

Real Estate Brokerage

Let us take a look at your tracts of timber.
We have, on our staff, a licensed real estate broker.   We buy land, as well as standing timber, and we are always looking for mutually profitable transactions that benefit our customers, employees, and the larger environment. If you’d like to find out what your harvest might yield…clicke here to learn more.

Environmental Stewardship

At Seaboard Timber, we are concerned for the future of our children and for the generations that will follow.  Therefore, we are always in search of new and better ways to manage our natural resources. Tree harvesting and replanting are among the most effective ways humans can participate in the reclamation of carbon emissions and fight global climate change.