Make The Most Of What You've Got

Timber Harvest

Seaboard Timber’s shovel logging practices are not only respectful of nature, but they are also beneficial to the environment. Cutting out old, mature trees and replanting young trees refreshes the environment. It is possible to reap the economic benefits of harvesting trees and to protect our natural resources at the same time. Timber is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.  It’s hard to ask for more than that. Seaboard Timber’s shovel logging and clean chips operation is efficient, economically profitable, and conservation-oriented. Following harvest, Seaboard Timber will oversee reforestation of the cleared land. A replanted stand of pine can be thinned in approximately 15 years.  For maximum growth, the thinning process tries to achieve 108 trees per acre as soon as possible.

The shovel logging process. . .

The deck is set up using a track-mounted feller buncher, a bridge of felled trees is built from one end of the property to the other using the bridge for its path, the feller buncher then cuts trees on either side a shovel logger places the cut logs onto the bridge logs are collected and hauled out on skidders or loaded into a clambunk logs are delimbed, debarked and chipped right on site–Clean Chips larger logs are collected and loaded onto log trucks to be taken to the mill and sawed into lumber this process is repeated until the tract is cleared.