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About Us

Seaboard Timber Company, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company located in eastern North Carolina.  We have been in the timber harvesting business for over 45 years.

Seaboard Timber Company was the first company in the country to do it all—buy its own timber, debark and chip hardwood on site, deliver the finished clean hardwood chips to the mill and supervise the reforestation of the landowner’s land.

At Seaboard Timber, we are concerned for the future of  our children and for the generations that will follow.  Therefore, we are always in search of new and better ways to manage our natural resources. We utilize the most modern advances in  harvest equipment:

timber is harvested, bark is removed, and the clean wood is chipped right on site–all in one smooth, time-efficient operation.

Our Equipment

Track Feller Buncher

a Track Feller Buncher minimizes the disturbance of the underlying soil base.

Shovel Machines

A shovel machine allows the tractors to run on a bridge of wood, minimizing rutting of the soil.

Morbark Chiparvestor

Our Morbark 2755 Total Chiparvestor produces a clean pine or hardwood chip.

Our Team

Elizabeth VanHorn

Elizabeth VanHorn

Assistant Vice President

June 1983

Megan Combs

Megan Combs

Marketing & Research

January 2013

Michele Tarkenton

Michele Tarkenton

Administrative Assistant

November 2005

Mark Gurganus

Mark Gurganus

Timber Procurement NCFA ProLogger Certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative Consultant

I was raised on a farm in Martin County, North Carolina. I graduated from Bear Grass High School in 1997 and received an Associate’s Degree in Forestry from Wayne Community College in 1999. I began my career as a contract timber cruiser for Weyerhaeuser Company and joined the Seaboard Timber team in March 2003.